The Rane Twelve MKII Controller – One Step Beyond?
It seems like a small time ago when Rane brought arguably one of the biggest advancements to the digital DJ landscape with the Rane Twelve MKI, that dragged the old school turntablist into the 21st century with a Technics feel without the traditional drawbacks of the turntable. On that basis and also the fact the world doesn’t stand still, Rane and their team of elite DJ’s have spent thousands of hours on crafting the perfect successor to the king of the digital turntable market.

The Build

The build quality is still the same as on the original Rane Twelve (and it's 2019 edition) with no screw left un-touched with the solid steel construction ensuring that it can handle the harshness that is a life in a venue or out on the road from battle to battle. Rane Twelve - Start ButtonRane Twelve - OLED

What’s New?

What is really that new on the Rane Twelve MKII compared to the MKI variation? Simple really, Rane has taken the original Twelve then dismantled it and decided to start again. Software support is completely new as previously the Twelve only supported Serato DJ Pro, this time around it not only supports Serato DJ Pro but also adds support for Traktor and Virtual DJ meaning that no matter your software weapon of choice the Twelve will fit like a glove in your setup. Hardware wise, the biggest changes are the OLED screen, that allow you to view you're BPM or the status of connection which when paired with new functions such as instant doubles, navigation control as well as the option to use this in straight forward DVS mode make the Twelve MKII the most advanced turntable out there on the market today. One of the major new changes to the Twelve is the start button, which led by Jazzy Jeff and other DMC DJ’s wanted a plunger style button which is more akin to the button found on a 1210, so Rane delivered what they wanted. The Rane Twelve MKII Tempo SliderRane Twelve MKII Instant Doubles

The Conclusion

The Rane Twelve MKII is a significant step forward in the world of turntablist DJ’ing with new features that finally give the Twelve the tools it truly needed. Although we haven’t seen it in the flesh yet, DJ Jazzy Jeff has been using his for several months during the Coronavirus lockdown to great effect if you followed his streams. The price of the unit is still as competitive as before with each deck coming in at £699.95 and being available to pre-order today and in stock from the end of August. You can pre-order the Rane Twelve MKII online today or by getting in touch to arrange an in-store appointment.