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Despite being only a small element in your setup, headphones play a key role in the overall DJ experience. Everyone has their own approach, but a majority of DJ’s spend a LOT of time cueing tracks using their headphones. Even when not in use, your headphones will be sitting on your shoulders whilst you inevitibly dance about to the absolute banger you just unleashed on the crowd (or do a small bop on the offbeat, each to their own). Choosing the right pair for you is worth taking time over. The Sennheiser HD 25's have been a stable in the industry for years now. Lets see why.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So the HD 25's were introduced in 1988 and whats kind of amazing about these headphones is that they have barely changed in the 20+ years they have been available. You would think that over the 20 years there would be lots of upgrades and changes but truth is the HD 25's are a utility, not just a pair of headphones. They serve a very particular purpose and in all fairness, Sennheiser nailed it first time around.

hd 25

Broadcast Quality

The Sennheiser HD25 has become somewhat of an ‘industry standard’ DJ headphone. when originally launched, the HD25 was created for use in the broadcasting industry. They were comfortable, durable and did a very good job of reducing noise from the surrounding environment. When sound engineers got hold of them, the HD25 became a staple in the music industry as well. For years they were THE standard in film and TV sound recording. Fast forward 25 years and you can find the Sennheiser’s accompanying a vast majority of DJ’s, with their basic design making them almost a fashion accessory. A huge benefit to the HD25’s is their durability. The travelling DJ can rely on them. You can do small repairs yourself on the road if neccessary and each part can be sourced from Sennheiser. Tonally, the headphones are particularly neutral. The sonic characteristics of the HD25’s appeal to DJ’s who also produce music and want a pair of headphones that kill two birds with one stone

The New Additions

So I know I said they haven’t changed in 20+ years so this section may be confusing. But stay with me as you will see that even with the new additions very little has changed.

hd 25 light

HD 25 Light

So these are a more affordable version of the HD 25’s however you don’t lose out on quality. The build quality is still brilliant. The only difference is a single headband instead of the split headband on the regular versions. That’s it. Nothing else. Simple. Just a slightly different option for people who aren’t fans of the split.

hd 25 plus

HD 25 Plus

Likewise these are essentially the same headphones too. With these you get 2 cables instead. You get an extra coiled cable, along with a bag and velour ear pads for added comfort. As you can see these updates aren’t dramatic and are a result of the minute things that customers may have requested over the years.


Sennheiser are world renowned for their headphones. Not only in the pro audio market but also in the home audio market. When it comes to comfort, sound quality and durability, the HD 25’s are really hard to beat. They are a reasonable price and can be easily repaired due to the modular build of them. There is a reason they haven’t changed in so long and that’s because Sennheiser got these right a long time ago. The entire Sennheiser HD 25 range is available to order from our website now!