Which Lighting: American DJ Stinger Range: Gobo, Star and Stinger 2
Gobo, Star or Stinger 2... Out of the excitingly exuberant range from American DJ, which is worth a closer look? Lighting has the power to make or break a performance so it is worth you while to make a considered choice, rather than choosing the model that offers the glitziest effects.

Compare and Contrast

Let’s examine the similarities across the American DJ Stinger range. Firstly the Stinger Star and Stinger Gobo are both distinctively cased with robustly constructed from powder-coated metal so you can be assured both designs are resilient and durable. The case design integrates both a sturdy safety loop and flexible multi-angle hanging bracket, making these fixtures perfect for permanent installation mounted on a ceiling or wall as well as for hanging on a T-bar as part of a mobile lightshow. Both the Stinger Star and Stinger GOBO are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for a life on the road or for installation when space is limited. The Stinger Star weighs 10 lbs. (4.4kg.) and measures 16.25” x 8.25”x 9.5” (410x210x238mm), while the Stinger GOBO is a little heavier at 11lbs. (5kg.) but also a little smaller measuring 16.25” x 8.25”x 6” / 410x210x151mm. There is a slight variation on the colours available from each model. The Gobo and Star both offer red, blue and green. In contrast the Stinger 2 red, green, blue and white with colour mixing qualities.

The Stinger 2

American DJ Stinger 2 is a 3-in-1 LED and laser lighting effect. Our best-selling lighting effect, it can be used as a centre effect or paired together to fill any medium sized room. Similar to the Stinger 1, the ADJ Stinger II offers 3-FX-IN-1 mobile friendly fixture. What’s different with the Stinger II is the eight 3W UV LEDs that offer a new dimension of excitement for mobile DJs, bands, small clubs and bars, roller rinks and bowling centres with its room-filling razor sharp beams of light. In contrast, the Gobo features UV LEDs combined with the HEX LED Moonflower and the red and green “Galaxian” style laser provides hours of entertainment. The Gobo has 15 built-in colour options, smooth steeper motors for a premium lightshow and a 4-button DMX function display. The Stinger II may be controlled by DMX, it's own built-in programs, the UC IR wireless remote or the Airstream IR App.
The Stringer 2 The Stinger 2

The Gobo

This Gobo, as mentioned in earlier points, is technically closest to the Stinger 2. The Gobo is a 3-in1 lighting system like the Stinger 2 and Star. In contrast with the Stinger 2, the Gobo can be used in a wider selection of venues. It produces 15 preset colour combinations and six built-in shows, for a diverse selection of visual entertainment.
The Gobo The Gobo

The Star

Like the Gobo and Stinger 2, American DJ Stinger Star is a 3 in 1 LED lighting effect with a built-in laser ADJ which features many similar features to the Stinger 2. The Stinger Star has a multi coloured strobe along with the Stinger 2’s signature laser and moonflower. The Stinger Star’s distinctive moonflower effect is further enhanced by an integrated red and green Galaxian-style laser effect. This creates animated patterns such as dots, triangles, circles, hearts, arrows and stars which are then multiplied by a diffraction which generates a multitude of laser projections that are spread over a wide area. Completing the Stinger Star’s three-in-one offering is a colour-chasing wash effect. Surrounding the laser aperture are six 1-watt LEDs: two red, two green, two blue and two amber, which can be used for static colour washing as well as to create eye-catching flashing patterns. The unique circular arrangement of the LEDs allows for continuous spiralling chases which add another dimension to the wash effect.
The Star The Star
On reflection, it is pretty difficult to choose one model out of three as they each offer similar features. While the effects produced by each differs in shape and colour, all are visually stunning in their own right. Whichever model you choose from the American Stringer series, you can be sure it will create a breathtaking show.