Which Lighting: Chauvet Intimidator Spot 155, Duo or Spot 255?
The Chauvet Intimidator range amps up discos and parties in a selection of lightweight, easy to use designs. The Sport 155, Duo and Spot 255 each look pretty similar so it’s difficult to distinguish which is the best option. Let’s take a closer look at each of the models to identify which of these models is the strongest option to ramp up your party time.

Intimidator Spot 155

Intimidator Spot 155 is compact and lightweight with a LED moving head, making it ideal for mobile use such as for travelling discos. The design enhances any dance floor with fast, lively and precise movements thanks to crisp visuals and a sleek output. Built-in performance features like separate colour and gobo wheels, ultra smooth dimming and adjustable strobe speed enhance any light show. Built-in movement macros minimise programming time, while sound-activated and automated programs generate a synchronised show in master/slave mode. This user-friendly fixture also offers an individual reset of pan/tilt, colour, and gobo.
The Intimidator Spot 155 The Intimidator Spot 155

Intimidator Spot Duo

Intimidator Spot Duo features two fully and independently controllable moving heads mounted on an easy-to-rig bar. Slide it onto a tripod, clamp it to truss or place it on the floor. This high-performance duo is linkable with one other unit to create eye-catching synchronised shows. Independent colour and gobo wheels create a number of awe-inspiring projections and mid-air effects. The DMX control allows for independent control of each head, which provides a clear and accurate tracking to truly illuminate the dance floor.
The Intimidator Spot Duo The Intimidator Spot Duo

Intimidator Spot 255

Intimidator Spot 255 is a feature-rich moving head spot fitted with a 60 W LED. This member of the Intimidator family enhances any event. Like the Spot 155, the model generates a synchronised light show in Master/Slave mode with built-in automated programs. Other high-quality features include built-in effect macros and move-in-black capabilities, selectable pan and tilt ranges, electronic dimmer, split beam with 3-facet prism, easy-access gobo door for quick gobo changes, and sound activated programs. These high-calibre features mean is has a lot in common with the Spot 155. A neat feature of the Spot 255 is the capability to control effects wirelessly with the optional IRC-6 remote.
The Intimidator Spot 255 The Intimidator Spot 255

Spot the Difference

On the whole, there aren’t many major differences between each of the designs as they all offer dazzling light performances at an entry level price point. These designs will definitely appeal to those who are looking for mobile lighting options without a hefty price tag. The biggest differences lie in the number of heads on offer and the range each item reaches. The Spot Duo has two heads unlike the singular headed design found on the Spot 155 and 255, as a result it offers a broader range of light. Another key difference is that the Spot Duo is linkable to other units, offering the opportunity to double the intensity and liveliness of the light show, as it can be linked to other units without the use of mains. Each of the designs in the Intimidator range has the same array of colour options so you can be assured of an exuberantly vivid light show, whichever model you choose.