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The Details

A award winning headphone that is built with the DJ booth in mind

✅ Very stylish minimal design
✅ 50-mm driver, sound is always crystal clear
✅ Superb build quality


The Pioneer HDJ-X7 is designed to live in the booth, but still be able to perform when you need it in-between gigs, with high calibre features and an award-winning design. This makes these headphones a tough act to beat, whilst maintaining a flexibility that is unrivalled in DJ circles.

An Unrivalled Soundstage

The same as with the rest of the HDJ-X range, the X7 headphones feature a 50mm driver that reproduces tight bass as well as a fantastic mid-range, with superior separation between each ear, which ensure a professional monitor response.

Tested to The Limit

The HDJ-X7 is tested to the limit to ensure that the headphones will not let you down when you need them the most, to this extent that they have tested them to the US Military Standard Shock Test, which this and the rest of the HDJ-X range

Modular Functionality

One of the great design features of the HDJ-X7 is that it is modular, meaning if say a cable fails you can easily replace with a new one and the same goes for the plush earpads that after a period of time may need updating to give them that extra lease of life.

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Key features
  • Brand : Pioneer DJ
  • Custom Stock Status : Available. Ships within 7 days
  • Cable Type : Straight
  • Swivel Cups : Yes
  • Detachable Cable : Yes

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