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✅ The elite setup with the elite mixer
✅ 2 x CDJ-3000
✅ 1 x DJM-V10


Pioneer DJ bring you a new dimension in DJing with the all new CDJ-3000, taking the legend that was the CDJ-2000NXS2 and taking up to a new level.

A Legend Reborn

Since the mid 1990’s, Pioneer DJ’s CDJ line up has continually evolved to match the needs of every DJ across the world giving Pioneer DJ the crown of the DJ’s weapon of choice. With the arrival of the CDJ-2000NXS2 in 2016, the industry standard got taken to a new height which had not been matched or surpassed until now with the new CDJ-3000.

A New Screen

The first thing that dominates the look of the CDJ-3000 is the brand new 9 inch touch screen, which brings a new dimension to the look and usability of the CDJ-3000. Taking the best bits from the interface that DJ’s all loved on the CDJ-2000NXS2, the CDJ-3000 brings new features such as Touch Preview, Touch Que, Stacked Waveforms, Support For 3Band Waveforms and more. This screen is also 150% brighter and clearer than the old screen on the CDJ-2000NXS2 which means every single nuance of your tracks are visible at a glance.

All Touch

The Touch Preview element of the units allows you to preview any part of the track in a similar fashion to what you find on the Rekordbox software. If you have either a DJM-V10 or DJM-900NXS2 connected via Pro DJ Link you can actually preview tracks via link cue.

Touch Cue brings the ability to listen to any part of your tracks whilst they are playing just by touching the waveform – meaning you can que ahead without the crowd even noticing, perfect for those tracks you're unsure of.

The New Advanced MPU

The all new MPU allows the CDJ-3000 to feel smoother and even faster than it's older relative the CDJ-2000NXS2 by a significant margin too. This new MPU has allowed Pioneer DJ to bring great new features that DJs have been crying out for since 2016.

Gigabit Ethernet

The CDJ-3000 has had a all-new Gigabit ethernet connection added for Pro DJ Link, meaning you can share and play files on up to 6 CDJ-3000s when combined with the DJM-V10 with a super responsive speed boost.

Toughened Materials

The CDJ-3000 has had an overhaul on the materials front with a new aluminium top plater and redesigned play, cue and Hot Cure buttons are built to be abused alongside a all-new V-Lock power cable to avoid any accidental unplugs.

All New Cue

One big change on the CDJ-3000 is that the cue buttons have been redesigned and moved from the left side of the unit to underneath the screen allowing for the use of all eight cue buttons, compared to the two banks of four found on the CDJ-2000NXS2.

Take The Wheel

The Jogwheel on the CDJ-3000 has had a complete rebuild with a brand-new mechanism compared to the CDJ-2000NXS2, which allows for a smoother feel and latency cut down by half. Combined with the LCD screen in the wheels that shows play head position and artwork allowing for quicker deck view.

Audio – How You Want It

The audio engine on the CDJ-3000 has been taken apart and completely rebuilt from the ground up to match the new digital age of DJing. With now internal processing at 96kHz/32-bit floating in all playable audio formats. Allowing for a more accurate reproduction of sound that has not been achieved up until this point from Pioneer DJ.

Software Support

The CDJ-3000 supports Rekordbox straight off along side with a future release of Serato DJ Pro. Alongside this you can use the Rekordbox iOS app (latest update) to DJ from USB/SD Card and even you're Phone/

Pioneer DJ set a new standard in 2020 with the brand new 6 channel DJM mixer called the V10, built to take on any environment this mixer is now the jewel in the crown of the Pioneer DJ mixer line up.

Elite Soundscape

The DJM-V10 features studio-grade 96kHz/64-bit processing within it as well as 32-bit high quality converters. All allowing for a warm rich sound that will never let you down, add on a low-jitter clock circuit making the DJM-V10 the most technologically advanced DJM to date.

Six Channels With A Warm EQ

This mixer now features six, yes six channels of goodness allowing you to setup how you want to with either CDJs, samplers, turntables, synths and pretty much anything you fancy hooking up to it. With analog input terminals that line up per channel there is no mistake in where you connect.

Add on a new 4 band EQ, that allows you to truly feel your mix and sculpt your sound to how you always dreamt of it being. You can jump between filters at a touch of a button with clear separation to play. If your coming from a DJM-900NXS2, you are sure to appreciate the true separation of the filters to give you that extra few percent you have been craving.

Three Band Master Isolation with Compression

The DJM-V10 features for the first time a 3 band master isolator allowing you make super fine adjustments as you play, whilst not compromising on the sound. If you want to play unmastered or older tracks you also have a compressor knob per channel, to give the track a fair chance on any sound system without being flooded and drowned out.

Built For Clubs

This mixer is designed for the elite, to this extent club essentials are worked into the mixer, with dual headphone inputs with their own separate cue/master mix for B2B sets. Alongside this you have support for Rekordbox, Traktor Pro 3 and soon Serato DJ Pro. That is not all though, as the DJM-V10 also allows you to plug in an iPad and use it with the RMX-1000 for iPad application, making this truly a jack of all trades.

All products shown online are BRAND NEW and sealed (unless otherwise specified) and include full manufacturer warranties.

Key features
  • Brand : Pioneer DJ
  • Custom Stock Status : In Stock. Order before 2pm weekdays for next day delivery
  • Audio Interface : Yes
  • Wi-Fi Enabled : No
  • MP3 Compatible : Yes
  • SD Card Input : Yes
  • USB/MIDI Control : Yes
  • Vinyl Scratch Function : Yes
  • Loop Function : Yes
  • Sampler : Yes
  • Built-in FX : Yes
  • LAN Connection : Yes
  • Adjustable X-fader : No
  • USB Compatible : Yes

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