Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 Effects & Remix Unit



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The Details

✅ Pioneer DJs premier FX add on machine
✅ Adds further depth to your tracks
✅ Enhances your setup with further functionality

The Pioneer RMX-1000 takes remixing and effects to a whole new level harnessing the power that pioneer has become legendary for in the dj market to let you make live edits whilst you play

Fresh Effects

Moving away from the tired legacy of simple beat-sychronised filters and flangers, the Pioneer RMX 1000 is a fresh and exciting tool for sound manipulation.

Letting you create on-the-fly riffs and drum patterns for genuinely live remixes, it will also let you take components of a track and create your own breakdowns and build-ups totally restructuring your music, mix and abilities as a DJ.

Despite its massive feature list, the Pioneer RMX 1000 is far from complicated in operation. Its work-flow matches that of Pioneer Pro DJ equipment so you’ll be achieving never-before-heard effects in minutes.

Remixbox Software

Using Pioneer’s ‘remixbox’ editing software, you can customise the RMX 1000 to operate and sound exactly how you want. You can even load personalised banks of samples on top of the awesome selection of built-in sounds. And because it all goes on to an SD card, you can take your settings with you to gigs around the world! If you use it with software, the Pioneer RMX1000 will double up as a USB controller for tactile control in your productions.

Scene Effects

Cleverly redistributing effects around different concepts, such as ‘Scene’ FX – including ‘spiral’ and ‘echo’ from the DJM series of mixer, you can instantly get the results you want.

Further that by ‘isolator’ effects, you can take the area of a track that you want and redistribute it creatively. The new ‘release’ effects mean you can cut the music to leave your created ‘breaks’ and ‘spin-backs’ before using your custom samples and building back up to the music for live re-mix creation.

Precise BPM Detection

Ultra-precise BPM detection, intelligent quantisation, ribbon controlled tempo adjustments mean you’re always bang-on the beat with the most advanced remix station we have ever seen.

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Key features
  • Brand : Pioneer DJ
  • Custom Stock Status : Available. Ships within 2-3 weeks
  • USB Compatible : Yes
  • SD Compatible : Yes
Tech specs

- Inputs:RRCA pin jack x 1、Phono jack (1/4) x 1
- Outputs:RCA pin jack x 1、Phono jack (1/4) x 1
- Other ports:USB B port x 1
- Sampling rate:48 kHz
- A/D and D/A converter :24bit
- Frequency response:20Hz ~20 kHz
- Total harmonic distortion:0.005% or less
- S/N ratio:102dB
- Head room :20dB
- Software:remixbox™、RMX-1000 Plug-in
- External dimensions:334 mm(W)×157mm(D)×57mm(H)
- Weight:1.3 kg

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