Sennheiser HD 25 Light DJ Headphones


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The Details

✅ A Lightweight Legend
✅ Designed for multiple applications
✅ Closed Back


The HD 25 Light is the entry-level version for demanding consumers and cost-sensitive pro users who are looking for a good pair of mixing and monitoring headphones.

The Sennheiser HD25 Light are closed back dynamic headphones that are perfect for multiple applications such as recording, monitoring or even DJing without breaking the bank and are a close relative to the industry standard HD25 with only a few differences to set them apart.

Built To Be Used

The HD25 Light are designed using the industry standard HD25 as a base but with a few key differences that make this a lighter alternative to the standard HD25, but just because it is a lighter version of the HD25 doesn’t mean Sennheiser has sacrificed anything on the quality front. This headphone features strong materials that will last the test of time, with the same modular functionality.

Super Response

Taking its lead from the legendary HD25 the light edition features the same drivers and similar sound stage that has dominated the market for over two decades with near mythical status.

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Key features
  • Brand : Sennheiser
  • Custom Stock Status : Available. Ships within 2-3 weeks
  • Cable Type : Straight
  • Includes Carry Bag : Yes
  • Swivel Cups : Yes
  • Detachable Cable : Yes

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