A collection of Reviews on the V Moda headphone range.
It is very rare that a pair of headphones genuinely gets us excited in store. Pioneer, Sennheiser and AIAIAI have dominated the market the DJ market for a long time, with good reason. But the observant of you will have noticed that the likes of Deamau5, Avicii and Eric Morillo rocking these sleak pentagon shaped bad boys for some time now. Customisable guards, Kevlar cables with the ability to share audio, military spec components, the loudest headphones we've hear and accurate sound reproduction to match. Don't believe us? Ask this lot below: “Beautifully built and sounds great with all types of music. Exceptional build quality and durability”. –CNET “V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100 will appease audiophiles and fashionistas alike – an impressive feat. And they sound pretty awesome”. –DigitalTrends “These headphones are beautifully designed, manufactured to the highest standards, and sound absolutely stunning”. –DJ Mag “Sound great, look wonderful, built to last and with some neat features – there’s much to love about the M-100s. (It is a love thing, too – you can grow attached to a headphone like this.)…”. –DigitalDJTips.com “The M-100 sounds so good - and is so easy to carry around - that I could imagine it covering most headphone needs for most people, even serious personal audio aficionados”. –SoundandVision Mag “Guaranteed to please audiophiles, the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones offer excellent sound quality, comfort and personalization”. –Laptop Mag “V-MODA has quietly amassed a stellar reputation among headphone aficionados, and the Crossfade M-100 feature incredible build quality, utilizing steel in those typical headphone weakspots, and impressive durability”. –The Verge “For just about anyone I know under the age of 35, these will be on the top of my recommendation list. The thump and drive and sparkle are irresistible with any form of contemporary popular music”. –Innerfidelity “First time I’ve given all five stars to one product, but the M-100s are worthy; among their peers in the $300 price range, I have seen no equal”. –Cult of Mac “Avoiding cheap plastic, V-MODA allows the M-100 to also feel great too. The Crossfade M-100 is definitely a great pair of headphones that does many things right” - iFans “The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones do everything right. They look great and they sound even better. They're very portable, and they're made of high quality materials”. –Mac Observer “The M-100 is great for normal people, for listening to Spotify on your phone just as much as plugging into a receiver with an (included) 1/4-inch adapter. Treat yourself, guys. Good audio is a delicious melty treat for your brain”. –Popular Science “I completely fell in love with the Crossfade M-100s, so much so that I'm considering replacing the cans that have been my desk-side go-tos for three years”. –Gizmodo “The cans really seem to possess the audio chops you'd anticipate from audiophile headphones without the bulky audiophile looks”. –Engadget “I felt wrapped in the music”. –NY Times (view) “The sound is clear enough to let you hear the subtleties of the music without turning up the volume to uncomfortable levels. Plus, the sturdy steel construction will keep the M-100 headphones playing, even when dropped on the sidewalk or exposed to salt spray. Ready to go? Fold up the headphones and stash them in a clamshell carrying case with straps that hold the cables in place and a clip that attaches to your backpack”. -USA Today (view) “…The M-100 is V-MODA’s top of the line over ear headphone for just about everyone, from DJs, to audiophiles, to casual listeners”. -Head-Fi 81A2wLQMzuL._SL1500_