Akai MPC Live - Compact Standalone MPC Sample: Self-Contained, Self-Assured
Akai MPC Live embodies the brand’s move to dominate the standalone controller market. In recent years Akai has concentrated on software/controller models, aimed at those who are more comfortable banging out tunes on a laptop. While these models have proved popular, the desire for a standalone solution has never disappeared. Akai has tapped into the growing demand for standalone drum machines, groove-boxes and controllers and as a result have launched two new standalone controllers, the MPC Live and the MPC X, which you can read more about in out blog here. The MPC Live can, on the whole, be seen as a portable version of the recently released MPC Touch. We covered the MPC Touch in our blog recently which you can check out here. akai-mpc-live-featured-image


The DJ performer constantly vacillates from creator to performer, one minute hunkered down banging out the latest track, the next standing in front of a pumped-out crowd, blasting out your most recent creation. For this fast moving lifestyle, an effortlessly portable design is an ideal addition to your set-up. With the MPC Live, Akai truly has made a fantastically functional, fully portable design. Let’s take a closer look. The MPC Live weighs less than six pounds, making it a lightweight design that can be carried around in your backpack with ease. Indeed, the model is remarkably light to the extent that it can be seen as introducing a new level of super-portable design. The MPC Live allows you full freedom from the mains, which is a fantastic example of the model’s portability. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can charge up and then play wherever you want. This opens up wide possibilities of playing options; you can play on the train between gigs or kicking back on the sofa. The lightweight construction and battery-operated are coupled with 16GBs of built-in, on-board storage. As a result, you can take and access your music library and MPC sessions any place, at any time. We really love this combination of features, as the three combined really do bring a level of portability and convenience previously unseen in standalone controllers. akai-mpc-live-liefstyle

Great Software

The MPC Live is powered by MPC 2.0, Akai’s new updated software. As a standalone model it, of course, runs by itself on the software but also can be run from a Mac or PC by being tethered to a computer. A number of improvements have been made to the 2.0 software to enhance its workflow capabilities such as an updated time warp algorithm, audio track recording, audio and MIDO drag and drop and sleek Q-Link control. All of these neat updates are showcased on an exuberantly designed interface. Word is that the software will soon accommodate Ableton Link, so you can be assured that the software will only get better.

Dynamic Sounds

MPC products are renowned for their range of high-calibre sounds straight out of the box. The model comes with ten GBs of exciting and dynamic sounds from a range of quality sources such as CAPSUN Pro Audio, MVO Loops and CR2 Records. akai-mpc-live-connections With the Akai MPC Live you truly get the best of both worlds, thanks to its versatility of working as a standalone unit and also working as a controller for 2.0 software when connected to a computer. This model is truly a fantastic standalone controller, setting the standard for self-contained controllers to come.