Denon DJ X1800 Mixer: Prime Range, Prime Design
Denon DJ X1800 Mixer really is a premium, game-changing product. As the flagship model in the already stellar Prime Series, you can be assured of this model’s innovative features and high-calibre performance. Let’s take a closer look at this feature-packed design. Firstly it is important to note that the X1800 is specifically designed to accompany the SC5000 Prime media player. After all, there is no point in showcasing a club-ready heavy duty model without a feature heavy mixer to go with it.


As the flagship model in the Prime Series, you are safe to assume that this model possesses next level features. The X1800 retains a familiar layout to other Denon models, but with enhanced elements that really raise your performance game. The X1800 showcases a dedicated Sweep and BPM FX control, which allows you to add multi-themed and exciting effects to each channel. This provides you with more creative options to mould and shape the sound that you have dreamed up in your head and need to get out into the world. The X1800 comes booted up with a choice of Classic or Isolation styles, a really handy feature that allows you to add depth and dimension to how you style out EQ in the DJ booth. You can also enhance aural effects of the model with frequency-controlled, band-Isolation. denon-dj-x1800-angle


Let’s take a look at the layout of the interface. As you would expect from a high-calibre design, the interface is packed with knobs, buttons and sliders, which gives it a somewhat busy appearance. For beginners and newcomers to the DJing world, it may take some time to get acquainted with the all of the features and functions on offer, but experienced mixers will appreciate this substantial, feature rich design. A crisply bright OLED screen is a great addition that enhances the user experience of this model and gives you more control over your creations. The screen enables you to personalise your workflow and get access to twelve high-calibre, Denon DJ designed special effects. Another impressive feature has to be Effects Quantization Touch Strip. This lets you lose yourself in rhythm-centred edits, so you can really put your own groove in the mix. If that was not enough, the model goes all out with its ‘Flex Fader’ Crossfader, created by Denon itself. The crossfader is highly expressive and really enhances the design, along with channel fader curves and fader start functions. denon-dj-x1800

Versatile Sound Options

The X1800 can be easily and quickly routed to numerous audio source options of your choice thanks to four phone/line switchable models along with an external signal and a send and return signal. For versatile performance options, you can add into the mix four digital rear inputs, DVS capability and efficient switching to USB ports. If you feel like switching up your performance and using your voice, you can utilise the two independent microphone inputs. You can then immerse yourself into your performance through headphones thanks to ¼” and 1/8” headphone connectivity.

Easy Connectivity

Your tempo-based FX can be accurately aligned during off-the-cuff performances thanks to the ability to connect the X1800 mixer to Denon DJ’s SC5000 media player using the ‘Engine Connect’ protocol. The X1800 also enjoys two USB ports allowing you the freedom to bring laptop software of your choice into the mix. This is a great feature for busy live DJ performances when you need a rapid and easy changeover. The model also showcases a handy MIDI out port for drum machines, instruments and effect boxes. denon-dj-x1800-connections The X1800 is truly a workhorse of a mixer. It's sturdy and resilient construction makes it a remarkably durable and tough design which gives you the green-light to really throw yourself into your mixes. With its wide-ranging connectivity options and feature-heavy layout, the X1800 really is a next level design that we think will be around for years to come.