Allen & Heath XONE:23 - 2 Channel DJ Mixer: 2+2 makes 4
Allen & Heath XONE:23 is playfully deceptive design. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is a two channel model. The Xone:23 is referred to as a ‘2+2’ mixer as, to be precise, there are four inputs with four matching gain controls. Channels 1 and 3 are phono inputs while 2 and 4 are line-level input, all of which are RCA. There remain two channel faders so the workflow is still 2-channel in practise. The Xone:23 is aesthetically based on the Xone:DB4, the flagship mixer from Allen & Heath. The model also utilises the familiar knob-and-filter layout making it an easy model for experienced users to pick up. The similarities end there however. Let’s take a look at the features offered by the Allen & Heath Xone: 23. allen-heath-xone-23-main

Laden with Features

The model is immediately club-ready thanks to a selection of professional features such an updated version of the much-loved Xone filter, along with VCA filters, 3 band total kill EQ, crossfader curve selector and a fantastic resonance control. The Voltage Control Filter system is a great feature that runs through the heart of this mixer. This celebrated analogue system enables High-Pass and Low-Pass filters, a wide frequency sweep and soft to dynamic resonance control. You can also connect third party FX units via an FX loop which are then navigated back through the filter system.

High-Calibre Construction

Thanks to its metal construction the model is resilient and robust, so it can easily withstand intense and wild mixing sessions. The crossfader is delicately constructed so is incredibly responsive to the softest touch. As a testament to Allen & Heath’s expert design and craftsmanship, the knobs on this model offer just the right amount of resistance. Attention to detail like this really enhances the user experience and will be welcomed by both long term players and newcomers. allen-heath-xone-23-layout

Sophisticated Aesthetic

As earlier mentioned, the Xone:23 is stylistically based on the Xone: DB4. The earlier model’s influence can be seen through the Xone:23’s backlit and soft controls, light enhanced meters and an interestingly shaped steel faceplate. Moreover, the faceplate is decorated with UV markings that look fantastic in the club. We really love the look of this model, as it blends a sturdy construction with an effortlessly sophisticated look. allen-heath-xone-23-detail The Xone:23 is undoubtedly a sleek, expertly crafted design at a surprisingly accessible price point, making it an ideal purchase for both grizzled DJ pros and newcomers to the scene. It also marks the brand’s unique approach to the two-channel market. You can be assured that Allen & Heath bring their renowned quality and craftsmanship to the table with this fantastic and easy-to-use design. Just don’t expect a two channel mixer!