Alto Live 2404: A 24-Channel Professional Mixer
Alto Live 2404 is a 24-channel professional mixer that is specially designed for live performances. At its affordable price, the model packs in an array of features that really belies its price point. The main draw of the Live 2404 is hinted in its title- it is truly designed for the live performer. The model offers flexible routing options and a collection of onboard DSP features. As a result, the Live 2404 can be adapted to the demands and specifications of most live performance environments, from clubs to smaller, more stripped back venues. alto-live-204-featured

Mix it up

Let’s take a look at how the Live 2404 functions as a high-calibre mixer. Firstly, it is professional standard with its 24 channels and 4 buses. The model showcases 10 finely balanced XLR inputs enhanced with switchable phantom power. Look out for three-band EQs with a fully sweeping mid-range, allowing you to shape the tone to your most exacting standards. The Live 2404 comes kitted out with a headphone jack with added independent level control, so you can really lose yourself in creating your mix. We really like how the model offers a visually engaging mixing experience with its 60mm faders with LED meters. This empowers you to have precise control over your mixes and to really lose yourself in the mix.

Sound Quality

As you would expect, the Live 2404 showcases a high-fidelity sound performance. The sound and the tools are arranged in sturdily constructed, easy to use package. Let’s take a look at the microphone channels, as it is the attention to detail displayed here that elevates this model into the high-end bracket. Each microphone channel is kitted out with super low noise preamp, which offers next-level sound quality and sturdy audio signal path. The microphone channels also feature a high-headroom range which results in crystal clean mixes, a much purer signal path and a demonstrative, sharp audio performance. Thanks to the model’s analogue compression qualities in channels 1 to 8, the dynamics created are better controlled and the sounds of different instruments are gelled together for a more cohesive mix. All of these features combined together ensure that the full dynamic range of your mix is produced with sharp clarity and detail. alto-live-204


Not only is the 2404 a high-calibre mixer, it also functions as a USB audio interface which demonstrates the effortless flexibility of this design. Thanks to the model’s single USB connection you can record your mix directly to a Mac or PC. Its built-in USB port allows users to convert two channels of 24-bit audio directly to a computer. This is especially great for engineers, sound editors and performers (and of course DJs) who need to record live performances and any live sound event onto a computer for additional editing, sound production and mixing. What’s more, the USB works in two directions, so sound files can be stored on your computer and can be streamed and played through the Live 2404. Another flexible design trait to be sure. alto-live-2404-connections

Versatile Sound Effects

One of the most impressive features of this already impressive model has to be the variety of its built-in effects. The Live 2404 comes with one hundred premium 24-bit Alesis effects which give you full creative freedom to realise your mixing dreams. You can choose from plate and spring reverbs, choruses, flangers and room and space delays. Thanks to the effects preset, it is really easy to set in your favourite sound and experiment with effects. The Live 2404 combines a sturdy and resilient build with a range of exciting and user-friendly features. What more could you want from a professional mixer? We really love the array of sound effects on offer from this model, alongside its excellent analogue compression qualities and its flexible USB connectivity. For anyone looking for a reliable, feature-rich mixer for their live performances, the Live 2404 is definitely worth your time and consideration.