American DJ Fog Fury Jett: Our Favourite Smoke Machine
American DJ Fog Fury Jett is a truly exciting product that we can’t wait to get started using. Whether you want to enhance your club night or are looking to add some drama to a casual get-together, the Fog Fury Jett is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

We Love American DJ

American DJ is creating a niche of their own for fun, accessible and easy to use lighting products and accessories. Aimed at newcomers rather than experts, their desire to open up the world of lighting is starting to shine through the array of products they have on offer. We have recently blogged about the American DJ Boom Box, MY DMX3.0 and the Stinger range and we have been impressed with the brand’s output so far, which means we have high expectations of the Fog Fury Jett.

Lights in the Fog

So what is this model and what does it do? To put it simply, the Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity, vertically orientated fog machine. It blends vibrant colours into the fog thanks to its 12 x 3 watt RGBA LEDs. This combination creates a spectacle of light and fog that immediately evokes a powerful ambiance in any environment.

Getting Heated

As the Fog Fury Jett is reliant on heat to function it is useful to have a full understanding of how it works so that you can make use of its full potential while also keeping safe. For starters, you can be assured that the fog produced by this machine provides a decent spectacle (which is why you would buy this in the first place). The fog produced by this machine is launched up to seven meters in the air in even and dry blasts. This impressive spectacle is achieved by American DJ’s research and development of an innovatively new heater technology, which has really paid dividends.

Innovative Features

It is refreshing to see that an affordably priced smoke machine aimed at as mass audience does not skimp on cutting edge features. The Fog Fury Jett utilises a special heating element in its design that relies on an oil type transmission pumped through the pipeline to reduce the risk of clogging, so that you can enjoy stress-free smoke and light visuals without the risk of malfunctions.
The model also comes kitted out with a high-performance Italian pump system that ensures maximum output of fog. This machine will not let you down, as it is expertly designed to allow a near-constant and powerful spray of fog.

Electronic Thermo Sensing Technology

If you are using this model at a party or show where you are required to produce bursts of fog rather a sustained performance, you will like how the model utilises American DJ’s own Electronic Thermo Sensing Technology. This is a smart feature that maintains the model’s optimum heat levels so that there is a very short warm-up time required between the powerful blasts of fog.


You can rest assured that the model has been designed with the user’s safety in mind. The model’s circuitry is enabled to automatically cut-off in the event of the fog fluid tank running dry. What’s more, the model only utilises water-based fog liquid which again ramps up the safety. Who said health and safety couldn’t be cool? If you are looking to create fantastic effects from light and fog from an easy to use, affordably priced model, you really can’t go far wrong with the American DJ Fog Fury Jett. Check out a tutorial video below.