M- Audio Oxygen 25 V4 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller: Brilliant MIDI for beginners
M- Audio Oxygen 25 V4 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller marks the latest reincarnation of M-Audio’s Oxygen line since the range first debuted a decade ago. It is fair to say that the Oxygen series went some way in popularising the portable MIDI controller thanks to their innovative keyboard models. The new Oxygen series breaks from the past in that it offers more control and deeper hardware and software integration. The model’s sturdy build is well suited for portable use and also for installation in a recording studio.
In a neat and much-appreciated upgrade from its last incarnation, the Oxygen 25 showcases pads, which have been added without compromising the quality of the 25 full size velocity keys. Let’s take a look at the newest addition to the M-Audio Oxygen family.

Seamless Control

One of the most appealing features of this design has to be its easy and slick functionality. You can literally pick this model up and get cracking on your tunes. This makes it an ideal model for long-term DJ fans who want to throw themselves into a new piece of kit and also to beginners to the producing game. With an array of knobs and features on offer, it is great that you can immerse yourself into utilising them without having to click a mouse or look at a computer screen.
The Oxygen 25 V4 showcases 25 velocity sensitive keys which can create basslines, melodies and chords, whatever your jam in that moment. Eight assignable knobs are on offer for playing with virtual instruments and effect plugins. You can hit up eight velocity sensitive pads to kick off samples or finger drum, while an assignable fader can control the master output or mix tracks together. For a model with such a variety of features, it is remarkably easy to use.

Great DAW Compatibility

This model is brilliantly compatible with a range of the most popular DAWs, so you get the Oxygen 25 straight out of the box, hook it up and start playing. The model fully integrates with Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and many more.
With the handy Direct Link feature, you can map the model’s controls to key parameters in your DAW of choice. You can also quickly and easily interface the Oxygen 25 with your favourite effects. It really is super simple to set up this MIDI controller to your favourite software, encapsulating the model’s accessible spirit, especially for newcomers.


Like all Oxygen controllers, the 25 is USB-powered and supports USB-MIDI connectivity. It also connects to Mac and PCs as you would expect.

Fantastic for Beginners

This model is ideal for home studio enthusiasts who really want to commit themselves to developing their DJ production skills. For more experienced DJs, you would probably prefer a more high-calibre model.
For its accessible price point and simple functionality, it is clear that the model is a direct appeal to newbies to the DJ world. If you are looking for your first MIDI controller, you can’t go far wrong with this feature-rich and easy-to-use model.