Pioneer DDJ-SB2 - Now At DJ Tech Direct with Free Headphones!
Pioneer DDJ-SB2 is the latest incarnation of the original Pioneer DDJ-SB. Its predecessor was one of the, if not the, best entry-level DJ controller on the market when it was launched two years ago. The original showcased professional features in an accessible mode, so it will be interesting to see how this new model expands on its older brother while retaining its entry-level accessibility.

What’s new?

The original DDJ-SB was much loved and incredibly popular so Pioneer had their work cut out to improve what is already an impressive model. The SB2 has retained the filter fade and performance pads from its predecessor, so it is heartening to see that the SB2 has stayed true to what made the original so popular. Let’s take a look at its updated features to see what is new.

More Control

Firstly, with the SB2 you can now control up to four decks, with the addition of decks three and four. To control deck three, simply hit the ‘3 Deck’ button on the left desk, and deck four is powered up by the right desk. Another addition is the Pad Trans effect. By using this you can create a sound similar to the gate effect.

Added Trim Pots

An addition that will be much appreciated by professional DJs is the addition of trim pots. These were sorely lacking in the original model, so it very welcome to see them included in the SB2. The knobs allow you to have control of the level of any track that you load. It is really useful that you can now manually adjust the level, as sometimes DJ software doesn’t always get this correct. It is great to have a feature that empowers the DJ with more control.

Detailed Level Meters

A small but super-useful addition from the original DDJ-SB is the presence of level meters. Now you can see the levels of channels one and two with greater clarity and insight, as each level is made up of five segments, with each segment comprised of a pair of eight LEDs. This degree of meter detail is fantastic in a small model, and again demonstrates how the DDJ-SB2 gives the user more control over their work.

Reliable Features

The SB2 is an intuitive model that is laden with features that give it a high-level feel not usually found in entry-level models. The model is somewhat compact sized which makes is useful for lugging your kit around but can run the risk of controls feeling cramped and difficult to use quickly. The SB2 bypasses this trap thanks to its large jog wheels, which are significantly large for a model this small. The size of the wheels, combined with their latency feel, ensure that you get a fantastic scratch response and sharp accuracy.
Like all Pioneer DJ controllers, the model comes kitted out with Serato DJ Intro. Simply download the software, plug your controller into a Mac/PC and get DJing. The DDJ-SB2 is handily upgrade-ready so you can take advantage of a whole new host of creative opportunities with beat jump, slip mode and quantize. Yet again, Pioneer has excelled themselves with their new entry-level controller. The features it possesses belie its entry-level price point and accessibility, so it may very well reach a more experienced range of DJs. If you loved the SB2, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this updated model, as it maintains what made the SB so great, with added greatness.

Free Headphones!

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