The Neo Cable Range: Visually stunning cable collection
The Neo cable range is one of the most popular cable connections currently available at DJ Tech Direct. It’s not surprising considering their high-calibre performance and visually exciting aesthetic. Let’s check out the range of cables currently available at DJ Tech Direct. Every cable in the range has been designed with data transmission at its heart. Neo has really excelled itself in ensuring that the conductor, structure, shielding and sheath are all primed to allow the highest possible noise protection and therefore the best sound experience.

Neo d+ USB Cable

This cable is quite possibly the highest quality data transfer cable around. It’s famous fans can testify to its high-calibre design and superior sound quality. With the PC fast becoming the centre of music production and DJ performance, the time is right for this USB cable which has been designed especially for the current and upcoming generations’ digital DJ production.
Many DJs now use laptop software for performances such as Serato Scratch Live or Native Instruments Traktor. As a result, stable and strong cables are super-important, as you are reliant on them to accurately transfer data and deliver the sound that you need. A cheap and poor quality can potentially ruin your performance by cutting out. This USB cable is designed to enhance the sound quality and performance for DJs so that their creations really hit the next level. This USB cable ensures the stability of the power supply and also the accuracy of the power clock.

Neo Oyaide d+ RCA cable

The Neo Oyaide d+ RCA cable is designed for phono purposes, so it will uplift your turntable sound when connected to an amplifier or speaker. This cable is enhanced with oxygen free copper and 24k gold plated alloy terminals. What’s more, its flat cable prevents pesky signal caused by cable bend and helpfully protects the signal from both external and internal noise and also electro-magnetic waves thanks to its TPE outer sheath, double-shielding and a twist-pair structure.
All of these features combined together make the Neo Oyaide a sturdy and reliable cable that is well-suited to the rough and tumble of DJ life.

Neo RCA Duo cable

This cable is very similar to the Oyaide detailed above. Like its fellow RCA cable, it is designed to be flat in order to reduce the risk of cable bend and the impairment to sound quality that it involves. Its clever design ensures that annoying tangles and kinks are kept at a minimum. This cable is also enhanced with gold-plated connectors that allow for high-quality audio routing. Neo-d+-RCA-cable


We don’t often get excited about the aesthetic of cables (who does), but the Neo cables are particularly pleasing to look at. To put it simply, these Neo cables look incredible. One part of the cable is an immaculately white tone and the other end is an exuberantly lime green tone. As well as looking bright and fun, this serves the useful purpose of letting you know which end connects to where on either side. Just putting this out there, but the Neo cables are quite possibly the prettiest we have ever seen. If you are in need of a new cable or a looking to update your existing set-up, do take a moment and consider the Neo range. For its accessible price point, it is a quick investment that will keep on giving.