FBT J Series:  Technically improved at a great price
FBT J Series is the latest range of speakers from the eponymous brand, encompassing the 15A, 12A and 8A models. The genesis of the range is based on FBT’s development of three new high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers, each with impressive power specifications. The J Series has been completely redesigned to introduce technological improvements that deliver greater efficiency and linearity. Each model in the range showcases a lightweight yet durable cabinet crafted from gas injected and moulded polypropylene. This means that they can be transported easily while also having the rugged quality that is demanded by the rough and tumble of DJ life. You can also link these speakers together in a classic daisy chain formation, which is handy feature, especially during big performances. Let’s take a look at each model to see how they compare.


The 8A marks the smallest speaker in the updated J Series, but it still packs a serious punch. Let’s delve into the specifics. The model is a two way design that combines a low frequency woofer with a one inch HF compression driver. It’s active internal is set at a fixed frequency range of 60Hz to 20kHz.
The 8A is bi-amplified and showcases a 200W low frequency amp and a 50w high frequency amp. All of these features combined allow you to enjoy a resonant bass and clear mid-range, indicative of the level of research and development implemented by FBT. The control panel offers a level control, HP filter switch and protection LED indicators. With high-calibre performance in mind, the 8A is enhanced with sound isolation properties. The model features two M6 fly points embedded into the cabinet, alongside an optional mounting bracket, allowing the model to be mounted on walls or ceilings with minimum resonance interference.


The mid-sized model in the updated J Series, this medium model is aesthetically the same as the 8A, but with bigger features and a bigger sound. This highly efficient model is driven by an amplifier with a power specification of 350W and 100W.

J 15A

This is the flagship model in the J Series with an amplifier power specification of 350 and 100”. The 15A enjoys an asymmetrical shape, allowing it to be also used as a powered floor stage monitor. It also features a front facing steel grille that offers great protection from damage.
The J Series is currently available at DJ Tech Direct and is definitely worth taking a closer look at if you are looking for an affordable DJ speaker that is reliable, sturdy and delivers a great sound performance. The improved technology that has been invested into the J Series is really noticeable and truly makes this series a significant step up from the original Jolly Series.