Alto Radius 100 series is an exciting new wireless microphone system that is brilliantly easy to use. Wireless microphones can be notoriously inconsistent and unreliable. This is inconvenient and, let’s face it, downright embarrassing when you are relying on it for your performance, whatever that may be. The Radius 100 Series is available in three different versions: the Headset UHF microphone, the Lavaliere UHF microphone and the Handheld UHF microphone. All three models are priced the same and are pretty much the same design. The only major difference is that the former includes a headset microphone and wireless belt pack transmitter; the second offers a lavaliere microphone and belt pack, and finally, the latter is accompanied by a handheld condenser vocal microphone transmitter.

Solid Design

Whether hands-free or hand held, each design comes kitted out with a built-in LCD screen that allows you to select the channel and frequency that you need easily and quickly. The front of the receiver also features independent gain control so that you reach the cleanest sound performance possible.


All three models offer a reliable and consistent performance so you can be confidently assured that you won’t suffer a performance meltdown. The models provide crystal clear sound for the whole gamut of professional vocal performances.

Stable Wireless Performance

Each model in the Alto Radio 100 Series utilises a switching diversity receiver design which works to separate the two antennae systems. This feature ensures that you can enjoy a dedicated and reliable wireless performance. For example, if one antenna is hit by a signal interruption for some reason, the receiver instantly switches to the second antenna. This significantly reduces the risk of signal dropout, fuzziness or interruptions. The switching receiver design is a great feature as it gives the performer the peace of mind that your microphone won’t cut out. It can be quite daunting to deliver a live vocal performance with a wireless microphone without the reassuring presence of a wire, so it is reassuring to know that each model in the range is designed to be able to deal with any signal interruptions.

Versatile Performance Options

Another example of how the range is designed with the performer’s needs first can be seen in the range of microphones available in the 100 Series. The headset microphone is ideal for performers who are energetic and constantly on the move, whether dancing or thrashing around their latest mix. This model is best suited for high-energy DJ performers. The Lavaliere microphone meanwhile is designed as a tie clip, so this similarly offers ease of movement during your performance. Finally, the handheld microphone option is the classic microphone design if you are looking for a more tactile and substantial design. There is a reason why the Radius 100 is so popular. Simply put, it delivers a high-quality sound and reliable performance which is exactly what you need and expect from a wireless microphone. Yes, these designs won’t change the DJ world, but they deliver what vocal performers need at an accessible mid-level price point.