Alto Spectrum PA Speaker: Great Sound, Stunning Lightshow
Alto Spectrum PA Speaker brings that added wow factor to any performance, party or ill-advised karaoke session. This portable PA system is given that je ne sais quoi with its built-in dual LED lighting arrays which flash in a variety of exciting colours. A great sounding speaker in its own right, the added lightshow capability really makes this an exciting product.
While it’s not for the speaker connoisseur ,this is a fun model that is ideal for disco DJs or those who want to enhance up the mood of their parties.

Dazzling Lightshows

Let’s face it, we are all here for the lights. There are five customisable modes for you to play with: mood, meter, mix, pulse and party. This means that you can play with the modes to match the atmosphere and mood that you wish to create. As it is also a speaker, you can align the lightshow with your tunes to really amp up the party. The brightness control feature allows you to adjust or disable the LEDs, so you really can take control of the mood. Custom Colour Control is another great feature that allows you to easily and quickly adjust the mix of red, green and blue lighting so that you achieve your desired effect.

The Specifics

In terms of technical details, the Spectrum PA speaker is a three channel mixer and showcases a two-band built-in EQ for each channel. It’s three channels are line/mic 1, line/mic 2 and Aux. Meanwhile, the Spectrum showcases XLR and RCA connectors, at ¼” and 1/8” inches respectively. The Spectrum is a two-way, 200 watt bi-amplified system. Its drive units are comprised of three 165mm woofers and a 25mm high-frequency compression driver. This combination encompasses the full musical range from 6520 kHz. You can be assured of a clean and clear sound even when pushing the speaker to the limit, as the Spectrum utilises thermal and dynamic overload protection.

Quick and Easy Set Up

The Spectrum PA speaker has been specially designed for parties and performances in large venues, as demonstrated by its full Bluetooth capability. The Spectrum can wirelessly stream input signals which gives you the freedom to situate the speaker a distance away from its music source. Its wireless quality allows for a tidy set-up without the mess and clutter of cables, while also significantly cutting down on your set-up time.
The Spectrum is also brilliantly portable, a feature that again cuts down the duration of your set-up so you can get on with your performance or party. As the Spectrum is a speaker and lightshow in one unit, it is ideal for performances and parties where additional lighting equipment would clutter up your set and be an annoyance. Not only is this a fun and appealing model, it is also a great space-saving solution.


Taking a look at the construction and form of the Spectrum speakers, they are clean, portable and easy to transport. Thanks to their lightweight structure (the Spectrum weighs in at just 23 pounds) and built-in handle, this model is super-handy to carry around, so would be ideal for travelling performances or to take to your next karaoke party. Even though the Spectrum is lightweight, it is still a sturdy design. Its rugged craftsmanship is evident by its scratch-resistant black vinyl coating and its ultra-protective steel corners.
Don’t underestimate the Spectrum PA speaker and write it off as a lighting gimmick. The Spectrum is more than just a pretty lightshow; it is an impressively dynamic speaker in its own right. Whether you need an all-in-one light and sound solution for your performances, or you are looking for sound and lights that will raise your party atmosphere to the next level, the Spectrum has both bases covered.