Denon DJ MC6000MK2 DJ Controller: Design for Life
Denon DJ MC6000MK2 DJ Controller is the crème de le crème of Denon DJ controller. It is quite simply the flagship DJ controller. As ever with Denon DJ, you can expect an easy to use model that cuts no corners with innovative features and high-calibre performance.

Four Decks, Great Ergonomics

The quality of the MC6000MK2 really shines through its four deck functionality. Not only are four decks available but they are also easy to use which opens up the creative possibilities of four decks to a whole new audience. The model’s top panel offers everything you need such as transport, pitch, EQ, hot-cue/sample, loop, FX controls and navigation. They are each ergonomically placed to ensure you deliver your best, error proof performance. Denon-DJ-MC6000MK2-featured

Add Video Effects

As you would expect from a Denon DJ controller, the model is enabled with Serato DJ software and all of the benefits that it brings. Added to this, the MC6000MK2 comes with an optional Serato Video plug-in. This is a really fantastic feature that allows you to program, mix, add transition FX and scratch video in the same manner that you would with audio. This optional extra has the potential to truly enhance your sets and enliven your music and is not found on lesser DJ controllers.

Versatile Connectivity

Whether you use the MC6000MK2 as a DJ software controller or as a standalone digital mixer, you can be assured that the model offers an array of connectivity options to best suit the needs of the DJ. You can easily integrate a table top CD or vinyl deck and auxiliary input sources, while a USB audio input offers greater flexibility.

Accessible Layout

The layout is so integral to the success and usability of a DJ controller that it is easy to forget about it and take it for granted. With the MC6000MK2, the control layout is logical and brilliantly illuminated to provide crystal clear accessibility. This means that you can lose yourself in your live performance, safe in the knowledge that faders, buttons and dials are exactly where you expect them to be. This is particularly useful for DJs who are relatively new to the live scene, as it gives them the confidence to perform without constantly peering down at the controller. Denon-DJ-MC6000MK2-angle

Fun and Progressive Features

In a DJ world ever more reliant on social media sharing, it is increasingly important for a controller to be able to record and playback a set. The MC6000MK2 achieves this easily thanks to its line ¾ through to PC mode, for both computer and mac recordings. For turntable fans, the MC6000MK2 showcases old-school vinyl emulation, a feature that is more popular during live performances. This feature can be enabled at the touch of a button with silver, high resolution platters. A number of control features have been added to the MC6000MK2, marking it as a truly a new and improved model. Denon-DJ-MC6000MK2-DJ-connections A beats parameter knob is dedicated feature that controls beat attributes; an FX tap button adds BPM data, while eight assign keys offer full and fluid control of effects. It is safe to assume that the Denon DJ - MC6000MK2 will be around in the DJ world for a long time to come. This is definitely an investment model that will be a fantastic partner to the professional DJ. For accessibility blended with high-calibre features, the MC6000MK2 has it covered.