M-Audio BX 10" Active Studio Subwoofer:  A Studio Must Have
M-Audio BX 10" Active Studio Subwoofer is both the flagship and most powerful model in the brand’s new BX series. Where your left and right speakers leave off, the BX subwoofer picks up as it delivers a deeply resonant bass performance right down to the lowest audible frequencies. The ability to hear super-low frequencies is crucial for the DJ and producer alike as you need to be able to register them to making accurate mixing adjustments. For this basic subwoofer requirement, the BX excels, all in a compact and space-saving construction. M-Audio-BX-10-Active-Studio-Subwoofer

Frequency Response

Let’s talk about the frequency response offered by the BX10, as this is one of the key features you should consider when thinking about investing in a subwoofer. The BX10’s frequency response extends way down to 20Hz, the lowest audible frequency for humans. In order to achieve this, it is evident that M-Audio has really gone to town with materials and construction. The BX10 enjoys a 10” fibreglass/paper composite driver with an oversized magnet and high-temperature 2” voice coil, powered by a 240-watt Class AB all-discrete internal amplifier with a variable 50-200 Hz crossover.


In terms of construction, the cabinet is crafted from medium-density fibre board for its resonance free properties. This is enhanced with one-inch front and rear baffles and the structure is reinforced to eliminate unwanted cabinet vibrations that if left unchecked can ruin the desired effect of your subwoofer.


The BX10 has all the connectivity options that you would wish from a studio ready subwoofer. The model has the flexibility to be integrated into any system configuration thanks to its choice of inputs, outputs and controls. These include balanced and unbalanced XLR inputs, balanced and unbalanced TLS inputs and the same for outputs for satellites. Controls wise the model is user-friendly thanks to volume/gain control, a phase inverse switch that allows a smooth system frequency response regardless of where you place the subwoofer in the studio. M-Audio-BX-10-Active-Studio-Subwoofer-angle What’s more, a 50-200 Hz crossover control merges seamlessly with L/R monitors, whatever their size may be.

Engineered for M-Audio Monitors

The BX10 is designed to be used with the M-Audio M3, BX Carbon and BX D2 series. Now that most personal audio systems can accurately recreate low frequencies, it is really crucial that your production equipment can monitor and adjust low frequencies while you’re mixing. Don’t be put off if you don’t already own a M-Audio monitor. The BX10 is also compatible with any brand of high-calibre, near-field monitor.

Power it Up

If you’re searching for that ultra-thrilling, deeply resonant bass performance, it can often be taxing on the unit and requires a lot of power. The BX10 carries a weighty 240 watts average continuous of discrete Class AB power to offer you a whole lot of headroom. M-Audio-BX-10-Active-Studio-Subwoofer-rear

Well Matched Interiors

The BX10 subwoofer combines an ultra-powerful amplifier with a well-matched driver for its power handling along with a long excursion. This winning combination means that the BX10 really comes into own with a thrilling and high-quality sound performance. If you are looking to update your studio set-up you can’t go far wrong with the M-Audio BX 10” studio subwoofer. It truly delivers a detailed and intricate deep bass performance without overpowering the unit or fatiguing your ears. It is a thorough and hard-working model that is definitely worth consideration at this price point.