Alto TS212 and TS215: Big sound PA that’s easy on the wallet
Alto TS212 and TS215 provide big, bombastic sounds for a far more reasonable cost than their similarly sized competitors. Thanks to their sleek design and deep acoustic performance, both designs are incredibly popular as to the go-to sound system for pubs, mobile DJs and smaller venues. Let’s take a look at why these models have proved so popular and how to choose between the two sets.

The Truesonic TS2 Family

Both the TS212 and TS215 are part of Alto’s Truesonic T2 family, with both models sitting just above the TS210. The two designs differ from the TS210 in that the former has five integrated handles whereas the latter just has two. As a result, the models are easy to pick up and carry in both horizontal and vertical positions which make them particularly handy for DJ who are constantly on the move. The amplifiers are the same throughout the range, with each rated at 550 watts continuous and 1110 watts peak. This is a significant increase on the wattage of the TS1 range, demonstrating how the TS2 family is a definite step up for Alto. Thanks to the new higher power capability, these designs ensure a greater output which makes them ideal for larger spaces, which is immediately a major improvement on the TS1 family. With increased clarity, these designs carry and fill any room with rich sounds. Both the TS212 and TS215 offer professional grade M10 rigging and suspension points, which ensure they are resilient to vibrations and retain a clean sound.
The TS212, front view The TS212, front view

Greater Control

As mentioned earlier, both the TS212 and TS215 are highly popular with DJs working in smaller venues such as pubs and mobile DJs. This popularity can be partly explained by the presence of a contour switch which makes it easy for the user to adjust the sound quality depending on the venue. As a result, you can seamlessly move these speakers from bedroom to pub and back again, with excellent sound quality in each.
The TS212, angle view The TS212, angle view


A particularly interesting element of both designs is their use of cutting-edge, high-efficiency amplifiers. As a result, these designs run at a much lower temperature than other speakers, even during lengthy periods of ultra-high output. The innovative, heat-reducing design of the TS212 and TS215 speakers eliminates the need for expensive, loud cooling fans. Nothing kills the ambience more than the sound of a noisy cooling fan. The result is a powered speaker system that is cleaner, quieter and more reliable and free from unwanted noise.
The TS215, front viiew The TS215, front view


As they share so many key similarities it is difficult to separate the two designs. There is only one key feature that is so different that it may affect which you choose and that is the size of the woofer. The TS212 features a 12” woofer as opposed to the 15” inch woofer found on the TS215. As a result, the TS215 offers a deeper, more resonant bass extension than the TS212. This is the only major difference between the two, so if the size of the woofer is a deal breaker for you, then your loyalties will definitely lie with the TS215. Bear in mind that the TS215 comes in at a higher price than its smaller coned sister. Alto really has raised their game with the TS2 series. Overall it provides a wide-ranging sound with a higher wattage than the original TS1 series. While both the TS212 and TS215 have been specially designed to fill larger spaces thanks to their higher power capability, if you are looking for a deeper sound, then the TS215 is for you. Other than the difference in woofers size, both designs offer the same high sound quality from a study, sleekly aesthetic frame. Both designs proudly represent the best features of Alto’s Truesonic TS2 series.