Pioneer DJM 450: Professional effects at an accessible price
Pioneer DJM 450 is a two-channel DJ mixer that combines high-calibre features with an easy-to-use design, making this an ideal transition piece from the home studio to the club. With a professional level effects unit included, this affordable design truly exceeds its price point. The DJM 450 sits above the DJM-250MK2, so makes an ideal step up from that entry level model. Aimed at a slightly more experienced user than its introductory-level younger brother, the DJM 450 features elements inherited from the more complex DJM-900NXS2 such as a Magvel fader and a curved channel fader for ultra-smooth mixing. A sleek layout is similarly borrowed from the 450, which brings professional, instinctive mixing to an accessible design. Pioneer-DJM450-front

Professional Effects at a Lower Cost

Taking into account the accessible price of this model, it is remarkable that it showcases a high-performance effects unit that is more akin to expensive models. Inherited from the much pricier DJM 900 Nexus 2, the unit showcases eight different effects: delay, echo, spiral, reverb, trans, flanger, pitch and roll, all of which are in sync with beats per minute. Alternatively, you can experiment with the 4 Sound Colour effects such as dub, echo, sweep, noise and filter. This can be used in conjunction with a parameter control knob to add warmth and colour to your mixes.

Effortless Mixing

An accurate response and silky feel while mixing is offered by the Magvel crossfader, even while performing the most complicated scratching techniques. Meanwhile, a 64-bit digital signal processor provides warm and deep sounds from both digital and analogue sources.

Sleek Faders

The Magvel fader is a clever direct reference to the DJM-900NXS2, and similarly ensures easy, smooth mixing over a long time period so you can be assured the model will endure. Two metal shafts reinforce the fader knobs, while a contact-free magnetic system will withstand millions of performances. Given its accessible price, Pioneer is clearly positioning this model as a savvy investment piece that will hook users to their products for years to come.

Get Creative

One of the most exciting features of the DJM 450 is its free Rekordbox DJ license key that accompanies the design. By activating the key, you can access Pioneer’s bespoke DJ software. Purchasing this software alone carries a hefty price tag, so this mixer and software bundle is a fantastic offer. Thanks to easy connectivity with a USB port, you can connect the model to your computer and transfer your creations, all from the comfort of your own home. Pioneer-DJM450-angle Pioneer has been truly savvy in their positioning of the DJM 450. It combines the high-quality features of the more expensive DJM-900NXS2, with the accessible price point of the DJM-250MK2. As a result, it will simultaneously attract users graduating from the entry level 250MK2 and users looking for the complexity of the 900NXS2 at a more affordable price. Consequently, the DJM 450 wins on both fronts: it is both affordable and offers features demanded by the most discerning DJ. For the effects panel alone, the model truly exceeds the expectation of its price point.