Numark Party Mix: The perfect controller under £100
The Numark Party Mix is the quintessential first-time controller. Its vibrantly lively aesthetic combines with a solid range of features and effects to offer a fun yet functional design. We dare even the most discerning and experienced mixer not to be won over by this exuberant model. numark-party-mix-angle

Open, Fun Accessible

Our favourite aspect of the Numark Party Mix has to be its truly accessible design. Let’s face facts- this controller will not do the full spectrum of complex featured offered by more established designs such as the Numark Mixtrack Pro or Pioneer DDJ RB or DDJ SB. If you are looking for more complex DJ controller, then the Numark Party Mix probably isn’t for you. Instead, you may wish to explore our website for other controllers that suit your taste. Returning to the Party Mix, it’s accessibility can be seen in its easy to use interface which allows somebody who has never used a controller before to hit the decks and start spinning. We love how professional features are simplified for new users, for example, each deck is ready to go with four pre-placed cue points and easily accessible effects pads, so users can start experimenting straight away. By an easy toggle through the built-in Pad Mode, budding mixers can discover auto-loop functions and create loops on 8, 4, 2 and 1-bar phrases. Added to this, users can then add effects and pre-loaded samples to their creations. Effortlessly simple, these features have the potential to attract a whole new generation of mixers.

Fun Loving Ambience

Whether you are planning the ultimate house party or are simply have fun with friends, the Party Mix will define your gathering. The Controller connects directly to your laptop thanks to a USB connection which then lets users play and mix their favourite songs and videos. The two-channels on this controller can then be used to mix and blend, allowing you to set the tone and ambience of your party. Another simplified feature can be seen in the option to preview your mix in your headphones before the ability to crossfade the music to your speakers. Again, another fantastic feature that brings professional level features to a totally new audience. You can also manually sync the beat to blend your creations with your favourite playlist. The Numark Party Mix empowers the user to make and share their creations with friends. This is a crucial aspect of the design, as encapsulates the design’s fun-loving, accessible appeal.

Exuberant Lights

Another delightful feature of the Party Mix Controller is its three LED lights that sync to the beat of your music. The light emits from the back of the device to create a fantastic light performance to accompany your music, allowing you to bring the sights and sounds of Ibiza to your living room. numark-party-mix-detail

Innovative Software

The Party Mix comes accompanies with a selection of software to make mixing and blending effortlessly simple. A Virtual DJ LE allows you to mix music, videos and karaoke tracks, making this a truly fun and hands-on experience. You can import your iTunes playlists to enhance your existing music collection or alternatively you can curate your own playlists and create your own individual mix. Ultimately, the Party Mix gives you full control of your music, allowing you to experiment and play with sounds, lights and mixes. Not only is it full of high-quality features, it is undoubtedly a blast to use. It’s well known that we learn by doing- who knows how many superstar DJs will owe their career to the Party Mix controller?