DJM-250MK2: Pioneer quality mixer at an amazing price
Pioneer DJM-250MK2 Rekordbox DVS-Ready 2-channel Mixer offers the brand’s high-calibre quality at an accessible price, making this model ideal for budding mixers who require high-level features on a low-level budget. The design is a 2-channel mixer and is Rekordbox DVS-Ready. As a result, the model’s cutting-edge features belie its price.

The Perfect Gateway

The DJM-250MK2 is the perfect gateway to DJM mixer range. Coming in at half the price of the brand’s earlier entry level mixer, the DJM450, this model also celebrates expert design and innovative features like its predecessor, but at a more accessible cost. Through its mixture of cutting-edge features and accessible price, Pioneer has made a truly affordable, high-quality mixer. The DJM-250MK2 has updated the much-loved DJM-900NXS2 but retained its original features such as the Magvel crossfader and Sound Color FX filter. Pioneer-DJM-250MK2-front

Low Price, Innovative Features

For an introductory mixer, the DJM-250MK2 really punches above its weight. To begin with, the model features a built in soundcard which allows you to connect the mixer to your PC/Mac. A USB connection supports both sound input and output, allowing the user to record mixes straight onto their computer hard drive. This connectivity coupled with the brand’s signature Rekordbox technology ensures a seamless introduction to mixing and DJing for new recruits. The affordable price really hits home here- Pioneer is actively seeking up and coming mixers with this easy-to-use, introductory design. Pioneer has also included a full license for their Rekordbox and DVS plug-in, extra features which are pretty pricey in their own right.

Rich textures

Both of the mixer’s two channels are enhanced with a dedicated Sound Colour FX Filter. By experimenting with the knobs, you can explore an array of textures and resonances. Added to this, both channels provide a pristinely smooth mix thanks to faders, while the 3-band isolators offer accuracy and precision across high, mid and low frequencies. We especially enjoyed the warm, sultry sounds from both digital and analogue sources thanks to the model’s dithering technology.

Hone Your Technique

As this model is aiming for the newly initiated, it is built to withstand the actions of enthusiastic and perhaps heavy-handed mixers. A clear, well-spaced bottom half of this design gives the user the freedom and security to perform complicated scratch techniques. Again the Magvel crossfader comes into its own here. Taken from the flagship DJM-250MK2, the Magvel crossfader is designed to endure over ten million movements. As a result, it is silky smooth and resiliently durable, allowing the user to scratch and mix instinctively. This is especially crucial given the model’s young and inexperienced target audience, as this durable design allows users to experiment with technique and sound safe in the knowledge that their kit can withstand their sonic explorations. Pioneer-DJM-250MK2-angle

Above And Beyond

The accessible cost of this model simply cannot be ignored, as it defines this model as the entry point to Pioneer’s DJM mixer range. Its pared-down design and easy to use functions ensure this design as one that many future mixers will use to master and hone their craft. By inheriting the best features of the DJM-900NXS2 and combining them with an easy to use interface, the model goes above and beyond its affordable price point.