An industry standard - the Ortofon Concorde Pro S
Ortofon Concorde Pro S is an entry-level cartridge for vinyl DJs. The design encapsulates the Danish brand’s reputation for high-calibre, technologically precise acoustic aids. The company’s illustrious history in the world of sound reproduction has seen it play an influential part in the 1940’s film industry to paving the way in developments for hearing aids. Luckily for vinyl DJs the around the world, it is in the area of cartridges however that the company has made its biggest impact. Way back in 1948 Ortofon designed and developed its first ever moving coil cartridge. Since then, the company has produced over three hundred different cartridges, each with a unique shape, weight and stylus. In celebration of spending decades on the cutting-edge of cartridge technology, Ortofon has recently released the MC A95 Anniversary cartridge which is definitely worth checking out for fans of the history and technological innovations that have shaped how we play vinyl. So how does this illustrious history relate to the Concorde Pro S? Put simply, the design distills the essential components of Ortofon’s history into a simple to use, aesthetically pleasing design. Reliable and hard-wearing, this model delivers exactly what you need from a quality cartridge. What’s more, it comes in at a reasonable price point, which is reassuring for an item that will, eventually (but not for a long time), have to be replaced. Let’s explore the individual features of the Concorde Pro S to examine whether is worth your time in an already congested market of cartridges. ortofon-concorde-pro-s

Entry Level

Whether it’s DJing, taking up a sport or learning an instrument, developing a new interest always seems to incur expenses, sometimes at a pretty hefty price. For newcomers to the DJing world, some may be put off by the cost and effort of buying new kit and ensuring it is a decent quality. The Concorde Pro is a perfect entry-level device, as it combines the quality needed to produce quality sounds, with an affordable price that won’t break the bank. By investing in the piece, newcomers will find their entry to DJing seamless and stress-free.

Always Needed

We’ve all been there. You have just purchased a brand new, much longed for turntable only to get home, enthusiastically rip open the box and find to your intense disappointment that the cartridge is not included. Given its reasonable price and solid quality, it may be worth your time to stock up on this design in bulk. Then, when your current cartridge needs replacing, or you inadvertently purchase a cartridge-less (see also: useless) turntable, you will have a supply of high-quality cartridges close at hand.


The most important feature to assess in any cartridge is its tracking ability. It is very pleasing that the Concorde Pro S does not disappoint on this front. A satisfying precise and deep tracking ability is provided thanks to the design’s high-calibre spherical diamond stylus. Cutting pristinely into the vinyl grooves with a tracking force of 40g, the stylus picks out more information from the record. As a result, the sound produced is intricately detailed. What more can you ask for from a cartridge?


From newcomers to the most experienced DJs, anyone who spins the decks needs to be able to rely on a sturdy cartridge that will withstand frenzied, hectic scratching and spinning at the decks. The Concorde Pro S is reliably durable thanks to its solid cantilever construction so users can go wild safe in the knowledge the cartridge will withstand the onslaught.

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