Audio Technica ATW 1102: Dependable For Every Performance
Audio Technica ATW 1102 is the answer to your live performance needs. There is nothing more annoying, or let’s face it terrifying, than the moment where your wireless microphone decides to cut out mid-performance. Awkward to say the least, moments like these also dent your confidence and faith in your kit. This is where the Audio Technica ATW 1102 digital wireless system comes in. The system is comprised of an ATW-R110 receiver and an ATW-T1002 dynamic handheld unidirectional microphone. Before we take a closer look at the system, let’s consider its creator. Audio-Technica-ATW-1102 Audio Technica is a brand that you can trust to deliver high-performing sound solutions. Although the brand primarily focussed on the production of phono cartridges back in its formation in 1968, the brand has rapidly branched out to deliver an array of products for DJ life. Audio Technica’s portfolio of microphones is particularly effective and well crafted. The ATW-T1002 is no exception which really helps to enhance the performance of this system.

Top Quality Microphone

A decent microphone can significantly enhance the sound quality of any live performance, while a poor one can have untold ramifications. It always a relief to find a good-quality microphone that will not break the bank. The ATW-T1002, as part of this system, is a microphone that you can rely on. The ATW-T1002 delivers a digital wireless performance at 24-bit/48 kHz, while its 2.4 GHz range allows the microphone to operate completely free from the burden of TV and 3G interference. This is a fantastic feature considering the ubiquity of 3G signals everywhere and anywhere. This feature is one of several enjoyed by the model that empowers the performer with added confidence that the wireless signal won’t cut out and the performance plagued by interference. Audio-Technica-ATW-1102-mic The microphone is operated by two AA batteries, so you can enjoy a performance liberated from cables. The model offers a simple design, with an understated interface so you can get on with your show. For example, the power and mute button is situated at the bottom of the body, to offer an immaculate, clean aesthetic.

Reliable Receiver

The ATW-R110 receiver is a digital design so you can be assured of its stable frequency performance. In a careful design point, the receiver is crafted to be stackable so you can add other models on if you wish to expand your system. This high-calibre receiver delivers hi-fi level sound quality across the whole frequency band thanks to not compressing the signal during reception and transmission. Audio-Technica-ATW-1102-reciver

Intuitive, High-Calibre Kit

Let’s zoom out and examine the system as a whole. This digital system is defined by its 2.4Ghz range, as it is this that underpins the system’s dependable performance, allowing you to get on with your show. The 2.4 band ensures that you avoid frequencies utilised by 4G and DTV, while also protecting you from frequency coordination problems. The system constantly checks to see if it working at its optimum level by monitoring the goings-on in the 2.4 band and then automatically adjusting to best signal in order to avoid interference from other high-frequency mics, WLAN routers and Bluetooth. Pretty clever, we think you will agree. The dependability of the system is assured by Audio Technica’s adherence to the performance markers of time, frequency and space. Time is utilised by the signal being sent in multiple time slot to help ensure that multipath interference is minimised. Frequency is catered for by the signal being sent on two allocated frequencies to eliminated interference. Finally, space is utilised thanks to two antennae being situated on each transmitter and receiver to strengthen the signal. The Audio Technica ATW 1102 system is a truly accessible design, which is always an appealing trait to find in a product. The system definitely performs at a professional level, but thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive design, it does not require special training to be used. Never concern yourself with interference problems again thanks to this high-performance system.