Marq RezoTube Pack: All-In-One Lighting Solution
Marq RezoTube Pack is a truly exciting product that will appeal to lighting enthusiasts and novices alike. Who, after all, isn’t attracted by gorgeously alluring flashing lights? The RezoTube Pack taps into this enduring fascination that lighting can hold over people. As a result, the RezoTube Pack is an ideal addition for a performance, show or even a get together. rezo-tube So what does the pack consist of? The RezoTube pack is comprised of five high resolution LED tubes, a super-handy carry case, a DMX lighting controller, a stand/hanging device and mounting options. This means that you have all that you need to create a dazzling lighting performance, all contained in one pack. Superbly user-friendly, we think you will agree. Let’s go into more detail about each aspect of the pack.

Dazzling LED Tubes

The main drawer of the RezoTube has to be the namesake tubes. Without these, the pack would be useless. The package contains five high-resolution tubes that each showcases 65 red, green and blue LEDs. Measuring in at one metre each, the tubes are ultra-bright and dynamic so can be seen with crisp sharpness from various distances. rezo-tube-2 Each tube is surprisingly bright and powerful, so you can be assured of a vibrant performance, regardless of how you set them up. Underestimate the tubes at your peril- they may be thin and sleek they are excitingly bright.

Comprehesive Controller

So, you have your tubes, but how do you control them and out your own spin on them? This is where the pack’s dedicated DMX controller comes in. The controller offers all of the connectors that you would expect from a standard controller, namely 3-pin XLR in-out and RJ 45 in-out. rezo-tube-6 The controller showcases a backlit LCD monochrome display so you can easily see what you are doing, without the screen becoming a distraction. After all, you want every body’s undivided attention to be on the lights. You can then use the controller to add dynamic and exuberant effects to your lights. The choice is entirely up to you, whether you decide to set the tube lights to be synchronised with each other, set the lights to align in time with music or you opt for independent operation. rezo-tube-3 The simplicity of the tubes combined with the easy functionality of the controller means that you can very quickly mould the tube to function exactly as you want in order to create your own signature lightshow.

Versatile Mounting Options

The RezoTube Pack has your mounting options sorted too. After all, there is no point in having an exuberant lighting showing if you haven’t got an effective means of displaying your lights. The pack includes five individual mounts, one for each tube, so you can mount each tube separately. Added to this, the pack also includes a mount so that you can arrange the individual mounts in a fan arrangement. Couple these mounting options with the array of control options on offer and you have a truly flexible design that can be perfectly aligned to your imagination. rezo-tube-4

Handy Carrying Case

The RezoTube pack is completed with a carrying case. This case is incredibly useful as it specifically designed to perfectly fit all of the components of the pack in one handy package. The bag is robust and offers comfortable carrying handles, so you can easily transport the whole pack around. This makes it an ideal play and pack solution, ideal for mobile entertainers. rezo-tube-7

Fun, Vibrant, Simple

So why should you consider the Marq RezoTube Pack? To put it simply, the pack offers everything you need to create a truly memorable and exciting lighting performance, all in one handy pack. rezo-tube-5 The pack is defined by its vibrant tubes, which offer a hands-on tangibility that you can’t get from other lighting devices. Brilliantly performing, super convenient and fun to use, the RezoTube Pack is a winning lighting solution.