Native Instruments Komplete 11: World-Beating Software
Native Instruments Komplete 11 is quite simply the most up to date and comprehensive production suite software currently available. Regardless of the size and style of your production task, or the genre of music you play, the Komplete 11 has you effectively covered. There is a reason that the Komplete 11 is the world’s leading music production software: it provides cutting-edge instruments and studio-level effects, empowering you to make professional quality music all from the comfort of your bedroom. The Komplete 11 features a number of different editions, so it can initially be slightly flummoxing to know which one is most suited to your needs. The editions you can choose from are the Komplete 11 Select, the Komplete 11 and the Komplete 11 Ultimate. Each one offers something different to the other and is catered to different needs however they are all united in sharing the brand’s innovative vision and user-friendly design. Native-Instruments-Komplete-11-World-Beating-Software Let’s take a look at each edition and see how they compare.

Komplete 11 Select

The Komplete 11 Select is the most accessible and basic of the three editions, making it ideal for entry-level producers. Suitable for all genres, the Select is a fantastic entry point to the Komplete range. The software includes eleven products which showcase over 2,500 sounds and a sample library of 25GB. The software offers a great array of instruments such as ‘The Gentleman’ acoustic piano, ‘Drumlad’ for drums and percussion, the sounds of West Africa for world instruments and vintage organs. Effects wise, look out for the Replika and Solid Bus Comp. At an accessible price, the Select provides you with everything you need to get started on your production journey, all at studio-level quality. Komplete-11-Select

Komplete 11

The eponymously titled Komplete 11 is the mid-range edition in the family, sitting above the Select and below the Ultimate. The Komplete 11 exceeds the Select in the range of effects it has on offer and the size of its library. With the Komplete you can make use of 45 products which offer over 13,000 sounds and more than 155GB of effects and instruments ranging from five acoustic pianos and three drumlabs to four organs and two world instrument selections. In a departure from the Select, the Komplete showcases cinematic effects titled ‘Kinetic Metal’, alongside a wider selection of creative effects. As the mid-range design in the collection, the Komplete is the go-to choice for users who want more choice than the Select delivers, but without the hefty price tag of the Ultimate. The Komplete is the flagship model in the family as it truly delivers creative freedom for everybody and all types of music. Komplete-11

Komplete 11 Ultimate

Finally, we get to the Komplete 11 Ultimate, the jewel in the Komplete family’s crown. After all, there is a reason why it has Ultimate in the title. The Ultimate is perfect for professional level production, sound design and scoring. Featuring 87 products, the Ultimate is brimming with over 18,000 sounds and a library of 500GB for effects and instruments. As the premium product in the Komplete range, the Ultimate showcases the full arsenal of Native Instruments’ selection of sampled instruments from acoustic pianos to cinematic instruments, alongside a host of the studio and creative effects. The Ultimate is geared towards professional producers, so if you are just starting out it is best to stick with the Select. The Ultimate may have a heftier price tag but it is worth it. Komplete-11-Ultimate So what do all three editions have in common? They are each available as downloads, hard drive installations or USB flash drive versions, so you can choose according to your preference. You can also easily expand the software to the next version up, so it truly expands as your performance grows. Whichever edition you choose, you can be sure of an outstanding user experience that will take your productions to new heights of quality.