Pioneer PLX 1000 Direct Drive Turntable typifies the old adage: what goes around comes around. With CDs long abandoned, the time has come for vinyl to make a return. Pioneer has revisited the world of DJing turntables with this expertly crafted, accessible design which draws on their 50 plus years of creating cutting-edge turntables.

Technics Mark Two?

Visually, the PLX-1000 looks eerily similar to the now unavailable Technics 1210. While this may disconcert some, this similarity is no bad thing. Rather, you can be assured of the reliability of a design that is likewise substantially structured and simple to use. The Technics 1210 was the go-to design for DJs around the world, but since new models ceased to be produced in 2010, there is a gap in the market which the PLX 1000 aims to fill. Whether it succeeds remains to be seen, but with vinyl turntables falling out of favours over the years, it is refreshing to see a no-nonsense, instantly accessible design on the market that has the opportunity to fully reinstate the vinyl turntable as a power player in the DJ scene, from club to home studio.


Vintage Look, Modern Features

The PLX 1000 combines the unmistakable aesthetic of the vintage turntable with updated features essential for 21st century DJs. Its most coveted feature has to be its high-torque direct drive system with ensures stable rotation for your vinyl alongside steady control. It’s stable surface is perfect for those who enjoy scratching and quick improvisations.

The design of the model may look bulky, indeed it undoubtedly is, but its substantial weight and size translates into rich, clear sounds quality. Its zinc crafted chassis eliminates unwanted noise by preventing resonance and vibrations and is reinforced by an 8mm-thick resin and 9mm-thick vibration damping material.

Whether you’re an old hand at turntable DJing or you’re picking up kit for the first time, the flexible connectivity offered by the PLX 1000 means power and cable connections can be easily interconnected and replaced. Subtle details such as gold-plated RCA jacks offer low impedance to elevate the sound quality produced.

The PLX 1000 plays 33 1/3 and 45rpm vinyl which can be instantly picked up or slowed down by up to 50% thanks to a multi-tempo control. A simple reset button reverts the speed back to 0, which is a handy addition for those who are new to the turntable world. It is useful to note that the model does not include a cartridge or stylus.



Irreplaceable Vinyl Experience

The magical hands-on process of playing vinyl has never died, not even in these digital days, so it is heartening to see an affordable, easy-to-use DJ turntable on the market. The PLX 1000 has an unrivalled opportunity to attract a new generation of vinyl DJs, just as the Technics defined an earlier generation. Thanks to the much-documented rise in vinyl sales, the time is ripe for a back to basics DJ system. We offer a selection of vinyl in store from classic acts and emerging artists, all of which would make a concise and interference-free listen on this design.