Reloop iPhono 2 USB phono: Enliven your vinyl
Reloop iPhono 2 USB phono is a brilliantly functional audio interface that allows you to digitise your vinyl collection, all in an easy-to-use and simple to set up design. It may be small and affordably priced but it packs a big punch with its simple yet extremely effective functionality. reloop-iphono-2-full

Why use a phono?

While technological advances are undoubtedly great, it is a massive pain when you find that your current kit makes your older music unplayable. From vinyl to CD to computer files and streaming, sometimes you feel that you are racing to keep up with the tech when all you want to do is kick back and enjoy your tunes, whatever their format may be. That is where a handy little device such as the Reloop iPhono 2 USB phono comes in. We will admit that the process of cataloguing, recording and digitising a collection of much-loved and irreplaceable vinyl was a huge chore and pain. We have numerous vinyl that we would love to back up out of harm’s way, but the thought of sitting down and actually doing it just makes us feel tired and bored. Now, with the Reloop iPhono 2 USB phono, we do not have any excuse.

Easy Functionality

So how does it work? The model features inputs directly supported from both turntables and line level signal. All you need to do is plug your turntable into the Reloop iPhono 2 and then connect the model to your PC or Mac. You can then quickly and easily record your gorgeous vinyl sounds to clear and clean digital CD quality, all thanks to the device’s high-calibre digital drivers. This is such a simple process yet it is so important to every music fan who wants to archive their vinyl collection for safe-keeping. reloop-iphono-2

Especially for DJs

Specifically, from a DJ’s perspective, the Reloop iPhono 2 USB phono is similarly well-designed and easy to use. You can quickly and easily record your DJ sets by following the same process as detailed above. You can even connect a mixer to the Reloop iPhono 2 and record your creations straight onto your computer. The mix can then be uploaded online to hit your fans or can be burned directly onto a CD to be shared physically. This can all be done in a few simple, seamless steps, making the Reloop iPhono 2 a real time-saving solution.

Software Included

A feature that we really love is how the iPhono 2 comes complete with a full copy of PCDJ DJ LE software and a sample pack from Loop Masters. This is a great addition considering the model’s accessible price point and will also appeal to newcomers on the DJ scene. reloop-iphono-2-connections You have nothing to lose by taking a closer look at the Reloop iPhono 2. We adore vinyl but it is always useful to have your favourite recording backed up and archived. The ease with which you can record your creations from a mixer or turntable to your computer is second to none. At such an affordable price, this model is definitely worth adding to your repertoire.